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Long Point Waterfowl is dedicated to waterfowl- and wetland- research, conservation and training in the Great Lakes region, as well as to the celebration of our outdoor heritage in North America. The primary purpose of Long Point Waterfowl is to study the staging ecology and requirements of waterfowl on the lower Great Lakes. We also monitor trends in the distribution and abundance of waterfowl, perform research on waterfowl habitats, and generate information useful for management purposes. We are also involved in research projects concerning other species of concern such as least bitterns and sandhill cranes.

By making the results of our work available to the public and scientific community, we are a strong voice for conservation and we make substantial contributions to the science of waterfowl and wetland ecology. Long Point Waterfowl is also committed to providing hands-on opportunities for youth wildlife technicians, biologists and scientists, as well as to increasing public awareness of the important of maintaining healthy wetlands and sustainable waterfowl populations.

Long Point Waterfowl is committed to increasing wildlife awareness and outdoor heritage through different youth programs, university courses and general public awareness. We also manage and run a Research and Education Centre and an Avian Energetics Lab that offers services not available commercially anywhere else in North America.

Long Point Waterfowl is a non-profit, non-government organization and we would appreciate your support. If you are interested in helping Long Point Waterfowl’s cause, please download and fill out the following PDF. These forms can be mailed to Long Point Waterfowl (address found on the form) or emailed to

Interested in supporting graduate research done by Long Point Waterfowl MSc and PhD students? Have you enjoyed our pictures and updates on our Wood Duck and Mallard tracking projects? Consider sponsoring a tracked hen this breeding season and receive weekly updates, pictures and much more!


St. Clair Mallard Project: Mallard Tracker Brochure and Sponsor Form

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