In 2007, the Delta Waterfowl Foundation graciously donated the David Winton Bell Memorial Library to Long Point Waterfowl. Charlie Bell established the library circa 1958 in memory of his son David who was killed in the Korean War. Between 1958 and 2007, the library was housed at the Delta Waterfowl Research Station located on the south shore of Lake Manitoba’s famed Delta Marsh. While at Delta, many graduate students and professional waterfowl ecologists drew upon the library’s scholarly publications and books to learn about wetland and waterfowl ecology and conservation, which in turn helped them develop research hypotheses, project proposals, publish research findings, and critique the work of other scientists.

The David Winton Bell Memorial Library transfer to Long Point Waterfowl will ensure that all the associated history, tradition, and scientific productivity will continue on into the future. The David Winton Bell Memorial Library, which retains it long-standing name, is housed at Long Point Waterfowl’s Research and Education Centre and is currently fully operational. This important addition to the Research and Education Centre is a great asset to Long Point Waterfowl staff and to our present and future graduate students. Thus, Long Point Waterfowl would like to thank the Bell family and Delta Waterfowl Foundation for this generous contribution.

Long Point Waterfowl is currently preparing an electronic catalogue of this collection. Once complete, the catalogue will be available online.

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