The Research and Education Centre includes several buildings and recreational facilities which are described below.

1) Kitchen and Dining Hall – the kitchen and dining hall constitute a 19 ft x 72 ft building that can accommodate cooking and dining for 40 people. This building currently includes 2 electric heaters, a large garland propane range, stove, 4 fridges, 2 freezers, tables, chairs, and cooking utensils.









2) Main Office and Conference Room – The main office and conference room constitutes a 50’ x 81’ building. There is office space available for 4-6 people and the meeting room can hold approximately 80 individuals. This building also houses the David Winton Bell Memorial Library donated by Delta Waterfowl. The Conference Room is available as a venue for meetings, training workshops, and other environmental- or education-based activities. A propane furnace was recently installed in this building.









3) Staff House - The staff house is a 20 ft x 36 ft building with a 10 ft x 21 ft addition. There are 4 separate bedrooms, most of which have (or could accommodate) more than one bed. The entire facility is heated with electric baseboard heaters. The facility also has a complete kitchen and living room. The building is primarily used by Long Point Waterfowl’s graduate students, technicians and volunteers but will periodically be available to other groups/organizations.









4) Bunk Houses - each of the two bunk house is 24’ x 40’ and has 11 bunkbeds (sleeping space for 44 people overall). Each bunk house also contains complete bathroom facilities. The buildings are seldom used by Long Point Waterfowl staff/students so are generally available for other groups/organizations.









5) Recreation Facilities – the Research and Education Centre includes a basketball court, volleyball court, soccer/football field and mountain bike/walking trails with interpretive signs detailing the natural heritage and animals present on-site.









On-Site Facilities Map

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