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The above photo of Dr. Scott Petrie, Ted Barney and Dr. Michael Schummer was taken during the 2011 Field Ecology course hosted by Long Point Waterfowl after banding >250 Canada Geese alongside students and volunteers in Simcoe Park

Long Point Waterfowl produces annual newsletters for email or hard copy distribution. We create these newsletters to inform colleagues, partners and the general public about our activities and successes each year.

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Long Point Waterfowl e-mails out news items 1-2 times per month to a distribution list of interested individuals. If you are interested in receiving news from Long Point Waterfowl please email info@longpointwaterfowl.org with your request.


LPW’s Lake St. Clair Initiative

On the evening of Monday, March 10, Long Point Waterfowl is hosting a meeting in Wallaceburg, during which Dr. Scott Petrie will be presenting on Long Point Waterfowl and our research program in the Lake St. Clair region.

We at Long Point Waterfowl view the St. Clair wetland complex as one of the most important staging regions for waterfowl on the Great Lakes. We also view it as being the most impacted and threatened. For these reasons, we are substantially increasing our research and conservation efforts within that region. The primary objective of the meeting on March 10 is to form a volunteer committee to organize a fund raising dinner, with all the profits being spent on our research program at Lake St. Clair.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, please contact Greg Dunn at gdunn@longpointwaterfowl.org

Matt Palumbo, Long Point Waterfowl PhD candidate (on right), presented on our Lake St. Clair Initiative at this year’s Great Lakes Wetland Day. The event was held on February 4th to mark World Wetlands Day, and was hosted by The Great Lakes Wetland Conservation Action Plan members. Click here to read the abstract for Matt’s talk.


Fifth International Swan Symposium

The 5th International Swan Symposium was hosted by the Trumpeter Swan Society in Easton, Maryland, February 2-6, 2014. The conference featured presentations, posters and workshops from 18 different countries around the world. Long Point Waterfowl’s Executive Director (Dr. Scott Petrie) was on the Scientific Committee and also moderated a session, Katelyn Weaver (current LPW Biologist) and Sara Handrigan (past LPW honours student) gave presentations on their completed MSc and undergraduate research, respectively. Katelyn’s presentation was entitled “temporal and geographic selection of agricultural and aquatic habitats by Tundra Swans during the nonbreeding period” and Sara’s presentation was “evaluation of range expansion of Trumpeter Swans re-introduced in southwestern Ontario”. At the banquet, Long Point Waterfowl was also recognized for being the first organization to offer financial support for the conference! More details about the conference can be found here.


Research and Education Centre – Open for Bookings!

Long Point Waterfowl’s Research and Education Centre (REC) is located just north of Turkey Point, Ontario and is a fantastic facility for research and recreation accommodations in the Long Point region. We established the REC in 2007 and have since made many upgrades and renovations to increase the 40-acre property’s accessibility to the public. The REC offers a suite of facilities such as onsite office space, library, conference/meeting room, kitchen and dining room, basketball court, interpretive hiking trails and two fire pits. Our facilities are used by local organizations, conservation partners, visiting professionals, graduate students and school groups of all ages, and provide an excellent venue for indoor and outdoor events in the Long Point region. To learn more about the REC, including pricing and contact information please view our REC Brochure.


Youth Hunting & Conservation Course

Long Point Waterfowl will be offering its annual Youth Hunting & Conservation Course July 26-31, 2014. Registration is open to 12-16 year old youth from Ontario and is offered at a first come, first serve basis. Please follow the link below to download your application from our website. Applications are due 1 May, 2014. Long Point Waterfowl would like to thank all of our conservation partners and the many volunteers involved in running the 2014 Youth Hunting & Conservation Course. Please download your application here.


25th Anniversary Dinner

Long Point Waterfowl staff and volunteers are now planning for our 25th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner. Details, including contact information to purchase tickets, can be found here. All funds raised from this dinner will be used by Long Point Waterfowl to support our research, conservation, education and outdoor heritage programs. We invite you to attend the dinner, and respectively request that you also consider either donating a suitable item or service, or making a cash contribution to sponsor an item for use in our auction, silent auction or raffle. Please contact Greg Dunn at gdunn@longpointwaterfowl.org if you wish to make a donation. Long Point Waterfowl will issue you an official tax receipt for your cash contribution, or for the fair market value of your donated item. Your consideration of our request to attend this event and/or to make a donation is very much appreciated. Thank You.


Turkey Course

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters will be hosting a Wild Turkey Certification Course at Long Point Waterfowl’s Research and Education Centre on Saturday, April 19th. This is a full day course, at the end of which participants will complete a multiple-choice exam on turkey hunting safety principles and hunting methods to obtain their turkey hunting license. If interested in joining the Turkey Course at Long Point, please visit the following website (scrolling down to the Long Point course) or contact Karla Lloyd at 705-748-6324 ext. 241.
For anyone interested in staying overnight at our Research and Education Centre facilities please contact Katelyn Weaver at kweaver@longpointwaterfowl.org

Milestones in Professional Development

Long Point Waterfowl conducts applied and relevant research that contributes directly to the management and conservation of waterfowl and wetlands. We also provide youth, undergraduate and graduate training opportunities which increase interest in conservation, promote careers in wildlife ecology and prepare future wildlife professionals for rewarding careers. In fact, our former graduates are now making substantial contributions to research, conservation and education throughout North America. We are proud to announce that two of our graduate students (Katelyn Weaver and Taylor Finger) recently completed their Masters Degrees and have embarked on their careers in conservation.

Katelyn Weaver Successfully Defends her Masters

Long Point Waterfowl is proud to announce that Katelyn Weaver successfully defended her Master’s thesis entitled “Tundra Swan Habitat Selection During the Non-breeding Period” on December 5, 2013. Katelyn used satellite telemetry data and land cover classification information to investigate the temporal and geographic habitat selection of migrating and wintering Tundra Swans. The results of Katelyn’s research have advanced the science of waterfowl ecology and will contribute to the management of Tundra Swans and their habitats. We at Long Point Waterfowl are proud of the research that Katelyn conducted under our supervision and support. If you are interesting in learning more about Katelyn’s research, please click here to obtain an electronic copy of her thesis.

We are also pleased to report that Katelyn has been hired as a Biologist with Long Point Waterfowl through an internship funded by the National Research Canada, Science and Technology Program for Work Experience. She will be coordinating the research and education programs at our Research and Education Centre, collecting and analyzing data, publishing manuscripts, managing our website and Facebook page, fundraising, and bringing her bright smile to all our events. Please join us in congratulating Katelyn on these wonderful accomplishments! Katelyn can be contacted at kweaver@longpointwaterfowl.org

Taylor Finger Successfully Defends his Masters

Long Point Waterfowl is proud to announce that Taylor Finger successfully defended his Master’s thesis entitled “Environmental Factors that Influence Spring Migration Chronology of Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis)” on January 15, 2014. Taylor used satellite telemetry and weather data to investigate the influence of annual variation in weather and environmental conditions on timing and rate of spring migration of Lesser Scaup. The results of Taylor’s research have increased our understanding of scaup migration chronology and have implications for the interpretation of annual survey data. We at Long Point Waterfowl are proud of the research that Taylor conducted under our supervision and support. Taylor’s completed thesis will be posted soon on our Completed Theses page.

Taylor was recently hired by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as the statewide Assistant Migratory Game Bird Ecologist. His responsibilities include developing and updating waterfowl and other migratory game bird management plans, survey and harvest reports, establishing waterfowl rules based on Fish & Wildlife Service season and population frameworks and biological parameters, coordinating statewide surveys and banding efforts as they relate to migratory game bird management, and preparing information for the Mississippi Flyway states, statewide waterfowl interest groups, and the public. Please join us in congratulating Taylor on these outstanding accomplishments! Taylor can be contacted at taylor.finger@wisconsin.gov

Watch an Incredible Arctic Adventure on January 18, 2014

Scott Petrie, Long Point Waterfowl Executive Director, participated in a spring Snow Goose hunt with Canada in the Rough (Beasley Brothers) in June, 2013. The hunt took place on Southampton Island, just below the Arctic Circle, and, for Scott, it was the trip of a lifetime! The episode will air on the Canada in the Rough Television Show on Saturday, January 18, for the first time on both sides of the Canada/US border. The direct link to a preview of the episode is:
The direct link to local channels and broadcast times is:



Watch a Spectacular Mourning Dove Hunt this weekend

To the delight of many Ontario hunters, the Canadian Wildlife Service approved a Mourning Dove season starting in fall 2013. Scott Petrie was given the opportunity to hunt doves with Mike Miller (Host of Angler & Hunter Television) at the Walpole Island Rod and Gun Club last September. The hunt will air on CHEX this Saturday and on OLN this Sunday. Please visit the Angler & Hunter Television website for local channels and broadcast times: http://www.ahtv.com/



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