Media and Communications

Long Point Waterfowl realized our need to expand our marketing, communication and outreach programs during 2010. In doing so we could increase our visibility and inform related organizations, scientists and the public about our research, education and conservation efforts. Greg Dunn (on left) was hired in April as our new Marketing and Media Relations Manager. His extensive experience with communications and in waterfowl and wetland conservation have been extremely beneficial to Long Point Waterfowl. Katelyn Weaver was also hired in April as the Manager for the Research and Education Centre and she has done an excellent job developing our new website.


Duck Day Celebration

Long Point Waterfowl is planning our First Annual Duck Day Celebration to be held at the Research & Education Centre on 25 September, 2011. The purpose of Duck Day is to raise awareness of Long Point Waterfowl’s research, education and conservation efforts as well our Research & Education Centre. Duck Day will include presentations from Long Point Waterfowl staff and graduate students on wetlands and waterfowl research in the Great Lakes region, a free-flying raptor display, waterfowl calling, retriever handling and decoy carving demonstrations, and a presentation about wild edible plants. Our program will also include youth games and other activities such as decoy painting. There will also be displays and participation by many other conservation and education organizations.



Long Point Waterfowl is in the process of developing a new merchandise line including hats, collared shirts, cooking aprons and T-shirts. To inquire about merchandise or to place an order please call Greg Dunn at 519-586-3531, ext 147.


Other Activities

Several promotional flyers and posters have been developed to advertise our various events, the Avian Energetics Lab, and the Research & Education Centre.

Long Point Waterfowl has made plans to host our Inaugural Fund Raising Banquet on Saturday, April 28, 2012, at The Greens of Renton near Simcoe.

Long Point Waterfowl commissioned Vic Gibbons, a local artist, to produce an original painting from which we have:
1. Produced a “Welcome” sign for the Research and Education Centre
2. Designed T-shirts which will display the image
3. Plan to develop a limited edition series of Long Point Waterfowl sponsor prints

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