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Great relationship built between LPW and the model hunters and conservationists of the crew from the American Birdhunter television show

On opening day of the regular waterfowl season, crew members from American Birdhunter were filming in the historic marshes of Lake St. Clair, Ontario. While filming a morning hunt, everyone was treated to a great surprise when one of their trusty retrievers recovered a harvested Mallard with some extra hardware….a GPS backpack transmitter! One of Long Point Waterfowl’s Mallard Tracker ducks had been harvested.

Matt and Shane with NODU 10Thanks to strong ties with marsh managers in the region, Matt Palumbo (PhD Candidate) was immediately notified and headed off to meet with
the crew. Upon meeting the group,
Matt shared information about the research project and recent history of the bird. He was also able to collect valuable information from the carcass since the bird had not been cleaned. Matt was able to re-weigh and inspect the bird, and since the crew graciously returned the transmitter, he will be able to re-deploy the transmitter on another Mallard this fall!

As a thank you for their generosity, Long Point Waterfowl will provide Shane Garner (pictured above) with a replica transmitter which he can use to attach to his taxidermy mount. LPW truly appreciates the consideration the American Bird Hunter Crew and enjoyed meeting them. This study will provide critical information pertaining to the movement patterns of Mallards, as well as the potential impact of landscape change and invasive species on their habitat use and survival.

Long Point Waterfowl requests that you contact Matt Palumbo if you harvest a Mallard with a transmitter –

Check out the American Birdhunter Facebook page or learn more about American Birdhunter and other shows featured on the Outdoor Channel.


See below the episode from the Outdoor Channel’s American Birdhunter featuring our Mallard Tracker program (timestamp 5:50 – 9:50). While hunting with Nate Salisbury of Blackdog Guide Service in Ontario, the crew of American Birdhunter shot one of our banded hen Mallards that had a GPS unit attached to it. This hen was part of our Mallard Tracker program and this episode of American Birdhunter features the crews response to this exciting surprise!


Thanks to American Birdhunter for the great footage!

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