Services and Pricing


Whole body composition energetics i.e. fat, protein and ash content
The lab also specializes in composition energetics of specific tissues i.e. breast muscle, leg, and liver


Thawed or plucked weights
Organ mass can also be determined i.e. salt gland, heart, spleen and adrenal gland wet weights


Morphological Measurements

Whole body measurements are available, including head, skull, keel, culmen, tarsus

Reproductive Tissue

oviduct: wet, dry, water, protein weight
post-ovulatory follicles: number, length, width, weight
developing follicles: number, wet, dry, water, fat, protein weight
ovary remainder: wet, dry water, fat, protein weight
testes: wet weight
oviducal egg: whole wet weight, shell, albumen


Dry and wet feather weight, water content, protein weight and molt scoring.


Gastrointestinal Tract

esophagus: full and empty wet weights
gizzard: full and empty wet weights
small intestine: length: full and empty wet weights
large intesting: length; full and empty wet weights
caeca: full length: full and empty wet weights
total ingesta wet weight
ingesta-free body weight



The lab’s pricing is based on bird size and ranges from extra large (4-8 kg, ie. sandhill crane) to tiny (less than 100 g, ie. passerine bird).

For pricing inquiries, details about each procedure, or to request more information about the lab, please contact:

Kerrie Wilcox

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