A note on Long Point Waterfowl’s Youth Conservation Program:
Our son, Reid was glowing the day we came to pick him up and his enthusiasm and stories have not stopped since.  My husband Ron and I wanted to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts of your team, including the volunteers, kitchen staff, instructors and anyone else who helped to make the week happen for these kids.  It was an honor for Reid to be exposed to such excellent resources of knowledge and talent and it has been an experience we know he will never forget.
Please pass this thank you along to all and let them
know –  you all do a great job to encourage young hunters and help kids appreciate the great outdoors.  I sincerely hope this program continues as it is an valuable contribution to not only Norfolk County, but all who are fortunate enough to be exposed to or live in the area.  Great Work!

Sue Rivard
Parent – Child participated in Youth Conservation Program


Long Point Waterfowl shares our common commitment to waterfowl and wetlands research and
conservation in the Great Lakes region. Long Point Waterfowl has been instrumental in building the leading waterfowl research facility in the Great Lakes and is a valued partner of ours.  We look forward to continuing to work towards our common goals.

John Simpson
Executive Director
Winous Point Marsh Conservancy


Long Point Waterfowl is one of the most important waterfowl conservation organizations in North America.
They have long been a stalwart of leading edge science regarding issues facing Great Lakes and Atlantic Flyway waterfowl and their habitats. We are fortunate to have them as partners and colleagues.

Rob Olson
Delta Waterfowl Foundation


Long Point Waterfowl has played an enormously
important role in preserving and protecting the
wetlands of Long Point, an area known around North America for both its pristine condition and sustaining role in the waterfowl population  of the continent. I am proud to be a friend and supporter of Long Point Waterfowl and congratulate them on their efforts to not only protect, but to enhance Ontario’s wetland habitats through their various research, education and conservation initiatives.

Michael D. Harris
Former Premier of Ontario

Long Point Waterfowl staff have been contributing to the success of our Biology undergraduate and graduate degree programs
for many years. Their unique facilities and expertise provide a valuable addition to our course offerings, as well as exciting graduate thesis opportunities.

Mark Bernards
Chair of the Biology Department
University of Western Ontario

As Mayor of Norfolk Country and Chair of the South Central Ontario Region Economic Development

Corporation I have made specific notice of the beneficial work and contributions of Long Point Waterfowl. All of this work results in research that helps facilitate the management and conservation of waterfowl and wetlands in the Great Lakes
region and adds to the economic wellbeing of our area.

Dennis Travale
Norfolk County

Long Point Waterfowl is a vital organization for the
protection and conservation of natural resources. The Research and Education Centre also plays a major role in promoting education and providing numerous opportunities to young scientists. As research collaborators and supporters, we are really proud to bring our modest contribution to the success and recognition of Long Point Waterfowl.

Yu-Wei Chen (Ph.D)
Nelson Belzile (Ph.D)
Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario

Long Point Waterfowl’s Youth Hunting and Conservation Course is a great opportunity that allows hunter education instructors, conservation organizations, the hunting industry and volunteers to work toward one common goal: introducing youth to the outdoors. The workshop covers different topics about wildlife management, ecology and habitat, and hunting skills. Long Point Waterfowl makes a tremendous effort to organize this workshop, and I hope this idea spreads out across the province.

Emad Hazboun
nstructor for various firearms and hunting courses in ON

The Long Point Waterfowlers’ Association is a small Non-Government Organization that has had a big impact on the Long Point Crown Marsh, one of the most important Great Lakes’ coastal marshes. This would not have occurred without the strong partnership between the Long Point Waterfowlers’ Association and Long Point Waterfowl. Long Point Waterfowl has provided the ongoing science-based validation for the remedial works being carried out in the marsh. Long Point Waterfowl’s validation has facilitated fund-raising as well as providing adaptive management direction. The Long Point
Waterfowl has also strongly supported all aspects of the Long Point Waterfowlers’ Association youth and new hunter recruitment initiatives.

Jim Malcolm
ong Point Waterfowlers’ Association


I have collaborated with the senior scientists and students of Long Point Waterfowl for many years. In fact, I have worked with Long Point Waterfowl long enough to see some students become senior scientists! Long Point Waterfowl’s role in developing the next generation of
Waterfowl Biologists in Canada is legendary. The inspiring geographic and ecological context is only part of the story. The real secret is the community of scientists from government, Non-Government Organization’s and academia who work together doing research that matters and will have lasting impact.

Dr. Robert Bailey
Vice-President Academic & Provost
Professor of Biology
Cape Breton University

Long Point Waterfowl has demonstrated an active commitment within the local and regional community and is a great example of establishing effective working partnerships in the research and educational areas that we are currently focused on. The organization and staff’s ability to be open, flexible and accommodating to everyone will allow Long Point Waterfowl to extend its’ reach and reputation. We are glad to have been able to associate with Long Point Waterfowl and look forward to a long and successful relationship in the local, regional and international communities as our respective operations grow.

Mike McArthur

Long Point Eco-Adventures


The Ministry of Natural Resources is pleased to work cooperatively with Long Point Waterfowl. We appreciate their leadership in implementing much needed improvements to the Research and Education Centre facilities and look forward to their continued use and enjoyment by researchers, students and other agencies.

Sherry Pineo
Area Supervisor
Aylmer/Long Point Team
Aylmer District


Dear Dr. Petrie,
I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to submit the references for both the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto masters programs I applied to.  I am very happy to report that I have been offered admission to both programs, and have decided to pursue the Master of Environmental Science at the University of Toronto.  This program will help me to attain my career goals, and will allow me to make a difference in the protection of our natural environments for a sustainable future.  Your recommendation means a lot to me, and I couldn’t have made it without your support.  The principles I learned in your wildlife management class certainly played an
important role in my decision to pursue environmental science, and so I
want to thank you for that as well.


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