Long Point Waterfowl is dedicated primarily to the study and conservation of waterfowl and wetlands throughout the Great Lakes region. We are committed to supervising and supporting graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) as they conduct research on waterfowl and wetland related projects. We also provide a diversity of educational opportunities for undergraduate students through classroom training, field courses, employment, volunteering and honours projects. We also
have a Youth Hunting and Conservation Course which provides top-notch training to youth and mentors them in the appreciation of our natural resources. We are administered through Bird Studies Canada which is a registered charitable corporation.


Long Point Waterfowl Highlights

Mallard Tracker is Back!!

Mallard Tracker is part of a research initiative to gather information about mallard hen movements and habitat selection within the Lake St. Clair region as part of Matt Palumbo’s PhD research. This year you can visit our website to follow movements from 45 mallards from September – January (40 mallards marked with GPS transmitters by Long Point Waterfowl and another 5 hens marked by Winous Point Marsh Conservancy).

Interested individuals or groups can sponsor a hen Mallard equipped with a GPS transmitter for $1,000. Sponsors will receive exclusive updates to track movements and survival of their duck and other sponsored birds in addition to personally naming their duck and receiving a tax receipt. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our hens check out the attached flyer and please email Matt Palumbo at mpalumb7@uwo.ca.

New LPW Publication Released Early Online

Long Point Waterfowl’s PhD student Everett Hanna recently published a paper in the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management based upon methods from his research on cranes at Manitoulin Island. The paper is titled “Evaluation of a vacuum technique to estimate abundance of waste barley” and addresses the blower vacuum collection technique used at Manitoulin Island to estimate food abundance for sandhill cranes. To view this paper and others published by Long Point Waterfowl please visit our paper publications page.


Long Point Waterfowl Advances Towards Independence

26 May 2015 – Following two decades of growth and evolution under the administration of Bird Studies Canada (BSC), Long Point Waterfowl (LPW) is well on its way to gaining independence as a fully separate organization.

As part of the ongoing LPW reorganization, former Executive Director Dr. Scott Petrie has amicably left LPW. The LPW Board of Directors thanks Scott for his significant contributions since 1997, and wishes him well.

Assistant Director Ted Barney, who has worked as a Biologist with LPW since 2006, has assumed direction of the organization effective immediately.

Through the vision and effort of Warren Winkler, Sandy Stuart, and Sam Johnson, LPW was established in the mid-1980s to generate a fund of scientific knowledge relating to waterfowl and wetlands in the Long Point, Ontario area. Formally named the Long Point Waterfowl and Wetland Research Fund, it was created through an agreement between The Bluffs Club and Environment Canada. After a few years, Bird Studies Canada signed on to the agreement.

Over the last two decades, LPW operated under the administration of BSC and was governed by the BSC Board. The LPW Board operated under the jurisdiction of the BSC Board and oversaw LPW policy. BSC administered LPW’s finances and related administrative services, and was the employer of LPW staff. LPW operated in this fashion very effectively and efficiently for more than 25 years, until a decision taken by the BSC Board in November 2014 ended the arrangement.

Since its founding in the late 1980s, LPW has grown significantly in capacity and assets, as well as prominence and influence on vital waterfowl priorities in the Great Lakes region and beyond. In reaching its decision, the BSC Board reasoned that LPW had evolved to the stage where it could function as a fully separate, independent organization.

The current reorganization of LPW is a direct result of the BSC Board’s decision. In order to perform functions previously carried out by BSC, LPW has incorporated as a legal corporation, and must next:

  • Obtain charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency, which is in the process of being filed by legal counsel.
  • Create the infrastructure to support its activities as a free-standing, separate entity.
  • LPW is establishing its headquarters at the LPW Research & Education Centre near Turkey Point, Ontario.

Because all of this work takes time to accomplish, the current administrative arrangement between BSC and LPW does not conclude until December 31, 2015.

Meanwhile, all of LPW’s programs are going forward as planned. Once full independence is achieved, the LPW long-term plan will be pursued vigorously and assiduously.

The LPW Board has total confidence in Ted Barney, our Scientific Advisory Committee, our stakeholders, and our benefactors to advance our mission of providing valuable science relating to waterfowl and wetlands, and to continue to fulfill our educational mandate.

LPW has always enjoyed the benefit of the scientific knowledge and wisdom of the staff of Environment Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources, who have given generously of their time to serve as LPW advisors and Board members. This relationship will continue.

Long Point Waterfowl point of contact:
Ted Barney, Assistant Director
519-586-3531 ext. 151

Dennis Raveling Scholarship

Matt Palumbo, PhD student with Long Point Waterfowl and Western University, was the 2nd place recipient of the California Waterfowl Association’s “Dennis Raveling Scholarship.” The Dennis Raveling Scholarship for Waterfowl Research is awarded annually to a student(s) with a desire to pursue a career in waterfowl or wetlands ecology.  Awards are based on the candidate’s resolve, high academic achievement, and project merit. The California Waterfowl Association is a statewide nonprofit organization whose principal objective is the conservation of the state’s waterfowl, wetlands, and hunting heritage. CWA believes hunters have been the most important force in conserving waterfowl and wetlands. http://www.calwaterfowl.org/



Ankney & Johnson Waterfowl and Wetlands Graduate Research Scholarship Award Winners

The Dave Ankney & Sandi Johnson Waterfowl and Wetlands Graduate Research Scholarship (The Ankney Award) was established in 2013 to honour the memory of Dave and his incredible contributions to waterfowl and wetland research, and to recognize the unending support of his wife Sandi. To read more about the Ankney Award please click here. The 2015 awards were recently presented to Adam Janke (PhD student) and Megan Ross (MSc student). Please click here to read about Adam and Megan’s research projects.

Everett Hanna, a PhD candidate with Long Point Waterfowl and Western University, was chosen as the recipient of Fleming College’s 2015 Vic-President Academic’s Contract Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award was presented to Everett in recognition of his consistent commitment to student learning and success, his innovative use of stimulating learning methods and opportunities, his outstanding communication and motivation skills, and his contribution to a positive learning culture and the core values of Fleming College, as a role model for students and colleagues.

Matt Palumbo, a PhD candidate with Long Point Waterfowl and Western University, was recently awarded the OFAH/Dave Ankney/Sandi Johnson Award for Avian Ecology for his study investigating habitat selection and survival of female Mallards in the Lake St. Clair region during autumn and winter. Matt was also a recipient of the California Waterfowl Association’s Dennis Raveling Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a student(s) with a desire to pursue a career in waterfowl or wetlands ecology. The award was based on Matt’s resolve, high academic achievement, and project merit. In addition, Matt received the Western University Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award in recognition of his diligence and contributions to the Wildlife Ecology and Management class at Western.

Long Point Waterfowl Students Receive Prestigious Awards for Teaching!

Matt Palumbo, PhD Candidate, was awarded the Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award from the University of Western Ontario. Matt received this award for his diligence and contributions to the Wildlife Ecology and Management course taught by Long Point Waterfowl at Western.

Everett Hanna, PhD Candidate, was awarded the Vice-President Academic’s Contract Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching from Fleming College. Everett received this award during his first full year teaching at Fleming College which is an excellent achievement. The award went to Everett for his accomplishments in teaching in the Fish and Wildlife Program in the School of Environment and Natural Resource Sciences.

Please join us in congratulating their success!



Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.33.25 PMCheck out the episode posted below from the Outdoor Channel’s American Birdhunter featuring our Mallard Tracker program (timestamp 5:50 – 9:50). While hunting with Nate Salisbury of Blackdog Guide Service in Ontario, the crew of American Birdhunter shot one of our banded hen Mallards that had a GPS unit attached to it. This hen was part of our Mallard Tracker program and this episode of American Birdhunter features the crews response to this exciting surprise!

Our Mallard Tracker program allows you to follow 20 Mallards marked with GPS telemetry units during the non breeding period. Each week we post maps of the birds daily movements, back-dated by two weeks to ensure their safety. Interested in obtaining real-time data where you can log-on and find the location of your bird? Become a sponsor in the Mallard Tracker program and receive Google Earth location fixes! To learn more about sponsoring one of our Mallard Tracker birds please contact our PhD student conducting the research, Matt Palumbo.

For more information check out our Mallard Tracker page.

Check out the American Birdhunter Facebook page or learn more about American Birdhunter and other shows featured on the Outdoor Channel.

Thanks to American Birdhunter for the great footage!

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Check out Long Point Waterfowl’s 2014/15 Newsletter and their Research and Education Centre.


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